Product photography - Blush Diamonds

When Natalie from Blush Diamonds contacted me for a product shoot, I was very excited to help her out with a few product shots of a few stunning rings. They are a team of vibrant and creative professionals in diamond selection and jewellery design. Natalie has been in diamond wholesale for 10 years, buying and selling to retail stores, dealers and jewellery manufactures across South Africa.

Product photography - Marice Rooibos products

This was such a nice product shoot for me, the owner and creator gave me creative license for the photos of her proudly South African rooibos products. Marice specializes in making high quality soap from organic Rooibos and other essential oils. She is situated in the heart of Rooibos world, Clanwilliam. All soaps and products are hand made.

Product Photography - Absolute Pets

Did some photography for the Absolute Pets online store. I was totally in awe of the amazing products they have for pets these days! Such practical products....the whole time while I was shooting, I was thinking to myself "why didn't I think of that"?! The Olly & Max catch-it-all  bowls has a silicon base with a stainless steel bowl in the middle. The bowls are perfect for those messy eaters as it is easy to wash and clean. Then my personal favourite is the The Olly & Max foldable travel bottle for dogs and cats- exactly what you need when you go out with your pet for a walk or do some traveling.