Namibia Holiday 2013

Every June/July I try to treat myself with a good holiday, seeing as I don't get a holiday in December when the whole world is busy lying around the swimming pool and having drinks!  So this year I went to one of my photography 'bucket-list'  places- Sossusvlei. I have always just seen the spectacular photos that people have taken there.  This time it was my turn!! To get to the Dead Vlei, you have to walk a kilometer in the sand, with a 12kg camera bag on your back, its not so much fun.... but when you get over the one dune and you see the 900year old trees, just standing there, with some of the biggest dunes I've seen in my life surrounding them, it's almost surreal.

The Namibian landscape is just something else, every 20km's you can get out of the car and take another landscape photo, completely different than the one you took a few minutes earlier.

Here is just a few of my holiday highlights....